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The Ins and Outs of Anal Beads

They're shiny and come in a rainbow of eye-popping colors, but these jewels are worn where the sun don't shine. Anal beads resemble a string of pearls or beads - very large beads - which are meant to be inserted into the anal cavity. Part of the fun is putting them in, but the payoff is pulling them out, particularly at the height of orgasm. This creates a series of strong waves of stimuli in the anal area which coincide with the muscular contractions of the climax, resulting in a mind-blowingly enhanced orgasm

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A Rectal Roller-Coaster Ride
In their most basic form, anal beads are simply a set of molded plastic beads on a string, usually with a pull ring for extraction. While inexpensive, these sets have some drawbacks. They are difficult to clean and the string part can get nasty, especially at the knots and where it meets the bead, where "stuff" can get trapped. The plastic can also have edges remaining on it from the molding process, so examine the beads carefully before use and smooth out any seams or protrusions with an emery board or some fine sandpaper. If you can find strands of beads that have been dipped entirely in latex or silicone, that will solve both of those problems. There are also metal beads for added weight, or beads with internal weights that move around when they're inside you.

The other type of anal beads are molded as one piece of vinyl, silicone, rubber or jelly. They are more like balls connected by a flexible rod, or stacked in a row. This makes them easier to clean, and to insert and extract. Also, depending on their rigidity and length, they have the potential to penetrate deeper up the ass. Some of this type also come augmented with vibration features. Similar variations include ass, butt plugs and dildos that are shaped like stacked spheres, or are wavy enough to simulate the anal bead effect, giving a rectal rollercoaster ride of undulations.

Anal beads vary in size, but they have to be large enough to create a distinct impression, or "blip" as they pass through the sphincter. In an average set the beads are .5 to 1.5 inches in diameter at the max. Larger sizes are available (2 to 3 inches in diameter) but we don't recommend them unless the insertee is very experienced with anal play. Some sets are graduated, beginning with smaller beads and increasing in size. This type can be handy for beginners, because you can start with the first few beads and work your way up to the larger ones.

Put Them In
As always when you are putting something up your butt or someone else's, lube, patience, communication and common sense are key. Lube your partner's asshole liberally (or your own, if you're solo) and warm up by inserting a finger or two to get the ass muscles primed and open. Lubricate the beads and insert them slowly. This can be tricky when everything, including your fingers, is slippery with lube. Grip the string with thumb and finger just below the bead, pulling it taut to hold the bead steady. Place the bead at the anal opening and gently press against it.

The receiving partner can bear down slightly to relax the anal sphincter. As the asshole opens, continue pressing. Let the ass close around and "swallow" the bead. If using string type beads, you can push it in further with your finger if you want, or just let the next bead inserted push it higher. [Important: If your set does not have a handle or ring on the end, be sure to leave at least one bead outside the asshole to grip for removal.] Try playing with the first one or two beads by popping them in and out of the sphincter a few times. Once the beads are fully inserted, you can continue with other activities (intercourse, masturbation, whatever).

Pull Them Out
Beads can be pulled out before orgasm as part of the build up, but most people like to pull the beads out in one go at the moment of climax, if possible. When the time comes, grip the handle or end of the beads and pull firmly and steadily (don't yank on them). Keep pulling as the beads come out one by one. The orgasmic contractions of the rectum should help to force them out. As the beads exit the rectum, the anal sphincter is forced open and shut again and again, creating wave after wave of stimulation.


  • Use plenty of lube.
  • Examine plastic beads for edges and sand or file them off if necessary.
  • You don't have to rush to get the whole string of beads up your butt; you can start slowly by using one or two beads.
  • If your beads don't have a ring or handle on the end, leave one or two beads outside the asshole so you can pull them out.
  • For maximum effect, pull the beads out during orgasm. Make sure your partner gives you a warning before he or she comes so you can start pulling.
  • Extraction is made easier (and more effective) by bearing down with the anal and pelvic muscles, as if going to the bathroom.
  • Clean anal beads thoroughly after use with soap and hot water, then disinfect with a bleach and water solution or by boiling. Or clean according to manufacturer directions.



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