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The Band-Aid Fix

One of the quickest and easiest ways to repair a small hole in your blow up doll is to simply put a band aid on it. You only need the adhesive tape part, so trim it to fit the area you need to patch.

The band aid method works best for pinhole punctures, and is only a temporary solution. The bandage adhesive isn't very strong and the patch will probably come off sooner or later. But in the short term it's a quick fix that will get you back in business, and it has the added advantage of looking natural. After all, even organic girlfriends sometimes wear band aids.

Obviously, when choosing a band aid, the closer you can match the skin tone of your doll, the better. The darker flesh tone of this band aid patch stands out too clearly against her alabaster skin, which you may find distracting during lovemaking.

Other repair options:
With Duct Tape: Works better for larger or more extensive rips
With a Tire Repair Kit: Most robust solution, if you really care




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