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Top Ten Tips for Anal Beads

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  1. Use lube.
  2. Use plenty of water-based lube. Lube your partnerís ass, lube the beads and lube your fingers. You canít use too much lube. You might also try anal lube.
  3. Smooth them out.
  4. Examine plastic beads for edges and sand or file them off if necessary.
  5. Grasp and push.
  6. To insert, grasp the strand just below the bead and push it in. Push it into the rectum with your lubed finger, then go on to the next bead.
  7. Take it slow.
  8. You don't have to rush to get the whole string of beads up your butt; you can start slowly by using one or two beads.
  9. Start small.
  10. Use a set of small beads, or a graduated set of increasingly large anal beads, if you are an anal beginner.
  11. Keep a grip.
  12. If your beads don't have a ring or handle on the end, leave one or two beads outside the asshole so you can pull them out.
  13. Tease them.
  14. Tease your partner (or yourself) by inserting and then extracting the first couple of beads, then proceed with the whole strand.
  15. Timing is everything.
  16. For maximum effect, pull the beads out during orgasm. Make sure your partner gives you a warning before he or she comes so you can start pulling
  17. Push them out.
  18. Extraction is made easier (and more effective) by bearing down with the anal and pelvic muscles, as if going to the bathroom.
  19. Keep them clean.
  20. Clean anal beads thoroughly after use with soap and hot water, then disinfect with a bleach and water solution or by boiling. Or clean according to manufacturer directions.



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