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Everyone has a butthole, so everyone can enjoy the anal stimulation that butt plugs have to offer. The asshole is the site of the hot-button prostate in men, and it’s rich in erogenous nerves in both sexes. For backdoor novices, a small plug can be a great introduction to anal intercourse, while for pros, a larger plug can give satisfying fullness and give an extra kick to masturbation or sex with a partner.

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What's a Butt Plug?

Butt plugs are sex toys that are specially designed to fit, and stay, in your ass. Plugs are usually cone shaped; they start slender, then widen a little – or a lot – then taper in again and widen out to a flange, or base, that secures the plug and keeps it from slipping completely into your rectum. 

Start Small

The smallest butt plugs are about the size of a slender finger, which should be an easy fit for even the most butt-shy. Jelly rubber plugs are also a good bet for the beginner, since they have more “give.” Anal “training” sets are available, which include a set of increasingly larger plugs and some lube, sometimes a vibrator. The more slender a plug, however, the easier it is for it to slip out. Some of the smaller plugs are now designed with a bump or bulge in them to give the sphincter muscles something to hold on to. Other plugs are curved or crooked to better fit the contours of your inner passages and give extra prostate or G-spot stimulation. The plug should curve toward your belly button as it’s inserted. 

To get accommodated to using a butt plug, first start with some lube and a finger. Use slow and gentle in-and-out probing to let the asshole used to having something in it. Once the anal muscles have relaxed and are used to the sensations caused by penetration, insert the well-lubed butt plug. Try leaving it in place for just a few minutes at first, then try increasing the length of time in subsequent sessions. Relax and get used to it, try masturbating with it in, then work up to intercourse or other sex play while wearing the plug.

Working up

For intermediate or more adventurous butt play, you may want to try a larger plug, or one built like a stack of incrementally larger balls. You or your partner can twist, bump, or work the plug in and out for extra stimulation. Sensation intensifies as the sphincter spreads open and then clenches around the base of the plug or its undulations. Some people prefer stockier or more bulb-shaped plugs.

As your comfort with your butt plug increases, you may want to incorporate it into more of your sexual activities, or simply enjoy wearing it by itself. Some people like to keep a butt plug inserted prior to anal sex, to keep the anal muscles receptive to deeper penetration.

Extreme Plugging

Of course, as you'd expect in the world of sex toys, extra-large butt plugs are available for those who really want to push their limits. There are also inflatable butt plugs, plugs that ejaculate, and butt plugs that vibrate. Although most are made of silicon or rubber, metal or clear acrylic butt plugs are available. Butt plugs occasionally have something attached to the end that extends beyond the buttocks, usually as part of a fetish scene. An example of this is pony play, in which participants may wear a butt plug with a horse tail attached, along with other horsey gear. Butt plugs are also available shapes that may cater to certain interest groups: you can get a butt plug shaped like a thermometer, a pacifier, or the baby Jesus (swear to God!). 

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