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Cock Rings and Ball Stretchers

Much like the name suggests, a cock ring is a ring of leather, denim, rubber, or metal that encircles the base of the penis and/or the scrotum. Its purpose, besides looking and feeling hot, is to keep the dick hard by preventing blood from flowing out of the engorged member. The penis gets its blood supply from arteries on the inside, and the erection ring restricts the returning blood from flowing through veins closer to the surface. 

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Cock bands must be put on and removed when the penis is soft. First pull your scrotal skin and balls through the ring, then fold your flaccid penis down and pull the ring up over it. Later, when the penis is soft enough, reverse this process, dick first, to get the ring off. To fit properly, a penis ring has to be loose enough to get on and off, but a bit snug once the blood starts pumping. To calculate the minimum size of a cock ring, measure around the base of your cock and balls together, then divide that by 3.1. Donít get one smaller in diameter than that. To be safe, if youíre experimenting, you may just want to get an adjustable model with snaps, or one made of stretchy jelly rubber. It is possible to get stuck in one of the metal rings. 

These sex toys come in a variety of styles and prices. Leather ones are available with studs for a macho or punk look. Sleek, high-tech and titanium models contrast with the no-frills rubber O-ring, which is basically just a gasket. The brightly colored jelly rings often have little nubbins attached for partner stimulation. If youíre really on a budget, you can improvise an erection ring out of a long, thin strip of leather or suede, or a piece of soft rope or thick cord. 

You can even buy attached sets, one ring to fit around the balls, and one around the penis. Other leather models have straps that bind and separate the balls.

Can I hurt myself?
With a little common sense, you should be able to use these toys without any injury or an embarrassing trip to the Doc-in-the-Box. As we mentioned, be sure you donít use a one thatís too tight. Take it off every 20 minutes or so. Ditto with the ball stretchers; donít leave either of these on for prolonged periods, as they restrict blood flow to very sensitive parts. If youíre using weights, start small, and stop if you feel pain. Use of ball stretchers over a prolonged period of time may cause your nuts to hang lower, which for some people is the point. Donít use either of these devices if you already have an injury to your groin or genitals. Otherwise have fun keeping it up, or weighing it down.

Ball stretchers
Ball stretchers are a basic element of CBT, or cock and ball torture. However, the amount of torment is up to you. Many guys enjoy the sensation of having their balls tugged on, and stretchers are a hands-free way to achieve this. Stretchers come in two basic varieties: cuffs and parachutes. Cuff type ball stretchers are sleeves of leather or metal that you fasten around or slide your balls through. They come in a range of lengths and stretch out the ball sac by elongating it. The metal ones can also add some weight if theyíre made of steel. Parachute ball stretchers consists of a parachute-like contraption that the balls fit through. Then weights of varying heaviness can be suspended from below, pulling the scrotum down. Cuff-style ball stretchers are also available in weighted models.




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