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Toys made of Cyberskin and similar soft fleshlike materials go by various names: softskin, Ultraskin, Futurotic, and so on. They're made from a high-tech rubbery polymer, or thermal plastic, whose silky texture and pliable consistency is amazingly lifelike. Unlike regular rubber or silicone, Cyberskin does not feel cold to the touch and quickly warms to body temperature. It's very stretchy, soft, and flexible, which makes it an ideal material a wide range of sex toys.

Dongs and Dildos
Cyberskin dildos are among the most realistic cocks available, not just for their appearance, but for their skin-like surface and soft-yet-firm density. Some Cyberskin dicks are so detailed that they have skin that moves along the shaft and balls that shift inside the scrotum. If you want a dildo that feels like the next best thing to a real dick, Cyberskin is the way to go. And if you want to play with a friend, you can get a Cyberskin double dong.

The skin-like texture of Cyberskin dicks makes them a pleasure not only to fuck, but also to suck and touch. Just be aware that Cyberskin requires special handling. Take care not to nick the surface of it, though, because it is delicate and can tear very easily. Try to imagine that it's actual flesh and treat it with the same sensitivity. Because it is semi-porous, it's more difficult to clean than other materials. Therefore, you may want to cover your Cyberskin dildo with a condom before inserting it, especially if you are using it for anal penetration or if you are sharing it. And as with all Cyberskin toys, use water-based lube only; oil-based or silicone-based lubes will destroy the Cyberskin material.

If you're rough on your toys, or you prefer a harder and hassle-free fun, you'd be better off with a dildo made of rubber, latex, or silicone.

Cyberskin vibrators and vibrating dildos are exceptionally kind to your delicate areas. Be aware though that because Cyberskin is so soft, it absorbs a lot of the vibrations. A small vibrator inside a thick Cyberskin casing may produce a barely perceptible buzz. For more powerful sensations, look for a larger vibrator with a thinner Cyberskin surface on it.

Cyberskin is also a popular material for strap-on vibrators that focus directly on the clit. Elastic straps hold these small vibrators over the clitoris, as the Cyberskin casing stimulates the clit, labia, and vagina. Although most are too large and awkwardly shaped to wear under clothing, the soft material is comfortable against the skin.

Vaginas and Masturbators
The lifelike properties of Cyberskin as well as its stretchiness and pliability make it an idea material for vagina simulators and masturbator sleeves. Simulated vaginas are molded to resemble the female genital area and are modeled to accept a penis for simulated intercourse. The Cyberskin replicates the feeling of flesh, and stretches to accommodate and hug the inserted cock. For those who are more interested in the male anatomy, there are Cyberskin cock and anus simulators. Many vagina simulators also come with an anal aperture as standard equipment, so you can pick your orifice.

Male masturbator sleeves differ from realistic vaginas in their size and design. While vagina sims give you a little more to grasp onto and are made for simulated fucking, masturbator sleeve are meant to be held in one hand and used as a jack-off accessory. They may be molded in the shape of a miniature vagina or anus, or even lips, to simulate a blow job. But rather than fucking them per se, you insert your cock into the snug sleeve and stroke it up and down your dick to stimulate it. Some Cyberskin masturbators may not look like much, and you may look at the tiny whole in the end and wonder how even a modest-sized cock could get inside. But once again, Cyberskin proves itself to be a wonder material with an amazing ability to stretch, without stretching out or losing its shape.

With both vagina simulators and masturbator sleeves, you'll want to use a lube to increase your sensations and reduce friction. Just make sure it's water based for Cyberskin compatibility and easy clean up.

Anal Toys
As we mentioned, Cyberskin is not ideal for anal use, since it is more difficult to clean than other sex toy materials. However, there are some Cyberskin anal toys available for those who prefer it, including butt plugs and anal beads. Cyberskin butt toys can be good starters for anal beginners, because they are so soft and flexible. For easier clean up, put a condom over the toys before you insert them anally.

Cock Toys

Penis extensions fit on or over your cock to add length and girth to it. Cyberskin penis extensions have the benefits of both feeling extremely lifelike and being comfortable to wear. Cyberskin penis extensions come in both strapless and strap-on varieties.

Handle your Cyberskin extension carefully as you put it on and take it off. It is flexible and stretchy so you can roll it on and off as you would a condom. Don't tug on it or pull at the end or the edges. If you are having anal intercourse while wearing a Cyberskin extension, we recommend covering it with a condom for several reasons. The extra tightness and friction of the anal passage will put more stress on the material. Second, Cyberskin is porous, and using a condom will make it much easier to clean afterwards. Finally, using a rubber for anal sex is always a wise safer sex practice, and though an extension resembles a condom, it isn't one and shouldn't relied on as you would a condom to prevent STDs.

Cyberskin material is also used for some cock rings. The stretchiness of the material makes these rings easy to put on and take off. Most Cyberskin cock rings are designed to fit around the base of the penis above the balls. They help maintain an erection by slowing the flow of blood out of the penis. Cyberskin cock rings also lend themselves well to the addition of clit stimulating knobs or vibrators. Because it restricts blood circulation, never leave a stretchy cock ring on for more than half an hour.

Cleaning and Storing Cyberskin Toys
After using your Cyberskin toy, wash it carefully with warm water and mild soap or antibacterial hand soap. Pat it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Don't rub it roughly, as this may abrade the surface or rub lint onto it. If it's an extension, masturbator sleeve, or vagina or anus simulator, wash and dry it inside and out.

Take a Ziploc baggie or Tupperware-type plastic container with a lid, and put about a quarter cup of cornstarch in the bag or container, then drop in your Cyberskin toy, seal it up, and shake thoroughly till it is coated. The cornstarch keeps the surface of the Cyberskin from getting sticky and prolongs its life. If it's a sleeve or extension, make sure the cornstarch gets inside as well. If the toy is too big to fit in a bag or container, apply the cornstarch with your fingers.

Important: Don't use talcum powder or baby powder, which contains talc, to dust your Cyberskin; talcum has been linked to cervical cancer. Some of the cornstarch will be caked on, but it can easily be brushed off with a tissue or cloth, and your Cyberskin will be smooth as a baby's bottom. You can store the toy in the cornstarch container until the next use. Or you can dust it off and wrap it in a clean, dry cloth or place it in a clean Ziploc bag for storage in a secure place.



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