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Top 10 Double Dildo Tips

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  1. Use a water-based lube.
  2. A water-based lube. like KY Jelly or Astroglide will make inserting your dong easier. Water-based lubes are compatible with all sex toy materials and clean up easily. Don't use an oil-based lube on rubber or jelly toys; it will cause the rubber to disintegrate.
  3. Start with one end.
  4. Let one partner get the dong inserted in their vagina or ass before the other tries to get their end in. Trying to get both ends inserted at the same time will result in the dong slipping around too much.
  5. Hold onto the center.
  6. During fucking, have one partner hold the dong in the middle for stability. This will give you both a point of resistance to push against.
  7. Take turns with your partner.
  8. Double dongs are great equalizer for heterosexual couples because you can both get fucked at the same time, pussy to ass, and you can take turns being the active or passive partner. One of you can hold the dong in place inside you and fuck the other with it.
  9. Double your pleasure with double penetration
  10. A woman can insert one end of a flexible double dong in her pussy and one end in her ass. This works best with dongs made of jelly rubber that are 16 inches or longer. Get one end inserted and hold it in place, then push the free cock head into the other hole.
  11. Use the free end.
  12. While masturbating with a double dong, take advantage of the free end: rub it on your clit, stick it in your ass, or give it a hand job. You've got a whole 'nother cock sticking out there, so put it to work.
  13. Don't go too far up the rear.
  14. When inserting a double dong into your ass, keep a grip on the free end and don't stick it in so far that it goes up all the way into your rectum. As long as a double dong is, it can go all the way up your ass, and you don't want it to. If it goes all the way into your ass, you will have an extremely hard time getting it out; you may require medical attention to remove it.
  15. Grip the end to use the double dong as a fuck tool.
  16. You know those dildos with a handle or grip on one end? Well, you can use one end of a double dong for the same purpose. The unlubricated free end of a double dildo makes a convenient "handle" for fucking yourself or a friend.
  17. Use separate ends of the dildo for anal and vaginal insertion.
  18. If you use one end of a double dong anally, be sure not to use that end for vaginal insertion until it has been thoroughly cleaned. Inserting anything in the vagina after it has been used anally can result in transmitting germs that cause bacterial and yeast infections.
  19. Get creative.
  20. The double dong presents a lot of possibilities, so use your imagination. You can suck cock and eat pussy at the same time by inserting a double dong in your partner's vagina and then going down on her. Or insert the dong in your partner's ass and then rim their hole while you jack the other cock end.



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