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Like a nice hard fuck? Looking for a sex toy that’s different, elegant and sophisticated yet functional? For those who appreciate craftsmanship, who enjoy the unusual, or who would like to take their sex toy experience to the next level, glass dildos may be just what you’re after.

Crystal Clear

Glass may seem like a strange choice of material for dildos and other sex toys. Since we’re always cautioned to avoid inserting other glass objects – bottles, test tubes, light bulbs – into our orifices, using a glass dildo seems to go against common sense. However, sex toys made from glass are manufactured to high standards and are not fragile when handled and used correctly. They are made of solid or very thick glass, and many are tempered for extra strength and durability. In other words, they are not likely to shatter in your coochie.

Glass is in many ways an ideal material for making dildos and sex toys. Malleable when heated and capable of being formed into a variety of pleasing shapes, it cools to form a surface that is hard, smooth, and nonporous. The smoothness and hardness of glass toys feels good and is exciting. And the nonporous nature of glass means that the toys won’t absorb smells or bacteria or other microorganisms. This makes glass sex toys very, very easy to clean and sanitize. Most are dishwasher safe!

The material qualities of glass dildos make it possible for them to deliver sensations that you simply can’t get with toys made of more pliable stuff like silicone, vinyl, rubber or jelly. The hardness, rigidity, and heaviness of the toys gives you leverage to hit and work some sensitive spots, like the G-spot and the prostate. Many glass dildos are made with this in mind, and are curved and shaped especially for G-spot stimulation, or have ridges or textures on them.

Art Object
The highest quality glass dildos are handmade of blown glass or Pyrex. While many are simply made of clear glass, others incorporate other colors in beautiful swirly designs and patterns. Some glass dildos are filled with colored liquids. Many are so elegant and stylish they seem more like sculptures or works of art than sex toys. You may be tempted to put your glass dildo on display on the mantle or a tabletop. In some cases, the design may be so artistic and abstract that your Aunt Agnes wouldn’t even guess that the lovely curves of that glass paperweight had a more exotic purpose.

Handle With Care
Although all glass dildos are durable if handled correctly, Pyrex dildos are even safer and sturdier. Pyrex is extra hard glass that can be heated and cooled to high and low temperatures without “fatiguing” the glass and making it prone to breakage or cracking. While glass toys may be more expensive than some of those made of other materials, keep in mind that they can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Most glass dildos are very solid and not likely to break during normal use. You need to be careful with your glass sex toys when you’re not using them, i.e., when you are handling and storing them. A glass dildo that is dropped on or hit against a hard surface can break or chip. If this should happen, it’s best just to discard the toy and purchase another. Keep a firm grip on your glass dildos when you’re handling them between uses (remember that glass can get very slippery, especially when covered with lube or juices from sex). Store them in a location where they are not likely to get bumped or banged, and wrap each one in layers of soft fabric to cushion them. Of course, as we mentioned, you may also choose to display them for view. If that’s the case, just use the same precautions with them as you would for any breakable sculpture or art work.

Heart of Glass
Besides regular dildos and double dildos, other glass sex toys available include butt plugs, strap ons, anal probes, G-spot wands, and dual stimulators for double penetration. You can even get a vibrating glass dildo. So whatever your preferences in sex toys, there’s a glass goodie that can make an interesting and exciting addition to your collection.

Glass Dildo Tips
  • Handle with care: don’t bump or drop on hard surfaces.
  • Remember that glass gets very slippery when wet.
  • Store in a safe place, wrapped in cloth for protection and cushioning.
  • Clean up is super easy with soap and hot water, or just put you glass dildo in the dishwasher.
  • Use the hardness and leverage offered by glass toys to put extra pressure on the G-spot or prostate.
  • If your glass sex toys are objects of beauty, show them off by displaying them on a shelf or table, but make sure they won’t get banged around.
  • If your glass sex toy gets damaged, discard it. You might be able to sand or buff out small chips and scratches, but the overall strength of the glass will be compromised by any flaw.
  • For extra sensation, heat or cool your glass dildo or sex toy by immersing it in hot water or placing it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes.





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