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Everybodyís fascinated by huge dildos these days. They seem to be all over the Internet, stretching, stuffing, jamming and ramming tight orifices left and right. Are these monster dongs just a freak-show trick, or do real women (and men) ever use them? Do they cause internal damage? Where can you get one? And how about the schlongs modeled after real porn players?

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The first time you see a huge dildo, I mean a dildo the size of your arm, you will think to yourself, ďJesus, thatís gotta be some kind of joke. Nobody could get that inside of them.Ē But youíre wrong. Male and female size queens can and do force their limits to take on these beasts. Why? Maybe for the challenge, or for the thrill, or the sense of satisfaction when all 8 by 14 inches of that bad boy sinks in to the hilt. Maybe it feels nice Ė if a little is good, then a lot (or way more than a lot) has got to be better.

How Big Is Huge?
When we use the term huge dildo, how huge are we talking? How big is huge? Well, size is somewhat subjective, but letís say for the sake of argument that ďhugeĒ refers to anything roughly twice the size of the average manís penis. An average penis (contrary to what many people believe) is a modest 5 to 6 inches long when erect, and about 1.5 inches thick. So to qualify as huge, a dildo would have to be over 10 inches long and 2 to 3 inches thick (or 8 to 10 inches around). Most people would find those dimensions pretty impressive and certainly not anything youíre likely to encounter face to face in real life.

How big do huge dildos get? Gigantic. Monstrous. Stupefyingly gargantuan. Actually a 16 inch dildo is about the longest youíll find. Any longer than that, and they just get too floppy and fold under their own weight. But thatís pretty damn big, about the length of your arm from elbow to fingers. Of course, most huge realistic dildos (realistic referring to the shape rather than the size) also have huge balls attached. Because dildos are measured from base to tip, that means that the whole 16 inches includes the balls, which arenít insertable (or at least shouldnít be insertable). That leaves you with about 14 inches of useable shaft, which should be way more than enough. If you want something even longer, there are also huge double dongs, which have a penis head at both ends. Double dildos run in length from 12 inches to 30 inches (thatís almost a yard!). Usually double dildos are used by two partners (male or female) who are penetrated vaginally or anally at the same time. But they can also be used for solo play or used by one partner on another with the active partner grasping the free end of the dong and using it as a handle.

Order Huge Dildos Now

Porn Stars and Prosthetic Limbs
There are some special subcategories of huge dildos. Many giant dongs are actually molded from the members of your favorite porn stars, such as Peter North, Jeff Stryker, John Holmes, and BAM. Porn star cocks have celebrity appeal, and fans may get off on the idea of fucking their favorite actor, but at an average of 10 inches or so, their dimensions seem almost humble when compared to some of the superhuman dildo examples you can find (with the exception of BAM, whose legendary cock truly is superhuman at an unbelievable 13 inches).

Another odd subgroup of huge toys are those designed to simulate fisting. These sex toys are full-size rubber versions of an adult male forearm and hand, and they sort of resemble fake limbs. The hand dildo comes in two models, one with the hand open, the other with it balled into a fist. These are extreme toys, even more extreme than most giant dildos because of their size and irregular shape. They also lack the flexibility and responsiveness of a human being, so if you want to get fisted, you might be better off having a real person do it for you.

Letís Be Realistic
Huge dildos are often used for very dramatic effects in porn videos. The effect is usually accentuated by using a petite-sized model, which makes the dong look all that much bigger by comparison. Of course, the overall size of a womanís body has no direct relation to the size or capacity of her vagina (or ass), but when you see a woman inserting a dildo thatís almost the length of her torso, the visual effect is stunning. But seriously, how do they do that? Does it hurt? Does it cause internal organ damage?

The truth is, while the vagina and anus are extremely resilient and flexible in terms of what can go into them (and come out of them), there are limits. A woman who stuffs a monster dong in her coochie - unless she is really, really stretched out, as in, like, she just gave birth to twins - is going to be feeling it the next day. Or maybe till the next week. And how deep can it go, really? The vaginal canal is only a few inches long, although it can dilate and stretch quite a bit. But we doubt that achieving vaginal penetration of over 10 or maybe 12 inches at the outside is physically possible. Anything more and something is likely to tear inside. The next time you see a video of a woman using a huge dildo, chances are she is inserting only part of the shaft. Inserting a huge dildo into your ass, on the other hand, gives you more open-ended frontiers, as long as you can navigate the twists and turns of your lower colon. With a flexible enough giant dong, it may be possible to get the whole length inside your ass, although it will still be a Herculean feat. Will it put you in diapers for the rest of your life? Probably not, if you are careful, take your time, and donít use it too roughly. But with any sex toy, injuries are possible if itís used improperly, and this goes double and triple for huge dildos.

Open Wide
Even if you think youíre ready for the big time, donít run out, buy a huge dildo and attempt to cram it in an orifice right off the bat. Youíll need some prep time and a ton of lube. Proceed with caution, take your time, and know your limits. Go slow and steady, and stop if you are in a lot of pain or feel like youíre hurting yourself. If your partner is using a giant dildo on you, it might be a good idea to have a safe word so that they know when they really need to stop. Take breaks and donít be discouraged if you canít get it in even partway the first time. You can keep trying, and maybe start with a smaller sized dildo and work your way up. If you find that itís just impossible to get the giant dildo in at all, you may have to admit defeat and settle for a dick of truer-to-life proportions. But at least youíll be left with a great conversation piece. Use it in the kitchen to tenderize meat, use it as the base for a decorative lamp, or keep it next to your bed and use it to knock intruders unconscious.




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