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Bike Tire Repair Kit

If you have a larger hole to patch, or want a more professional and lasting repair solution, invest in a bicycle repair kit. This small kit comes with several patches and a tube of vulcanizing rubber adhesive. The tire repair kit works especially well if your blow up doll is made of latex.

Here's a slightly larger hole that we'll repair using the patch kit.

First, you need to apply the rubber adhesive around the hole, spreading a thin layer over the entire area that the patch will cover. Wait 5 minutes for the adhesive to set, then press the patch firmly into place.

Try to think of the patch as a beauty spot or a birthmark and it won't be so distracting when you get intimate.

Other repair options:
With a Band-Aid: Ideal for smaller tears, can match skin tones of your doll
With Duct Tape: Works better for larger or more extensive rips




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