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Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps. Just those two words may be enough to make you shudder with delight or wince in pain. Even if your initial reaction is more "Ow!" than "Oooh," keep reading. These tittie tweakers aren't as scary as they sound.

Constant Nipple Stimulation
Despite their name and appearance, nipple clamps are not necessarily a torture device. They have a rep as BDSM toys, but you don't have to be into heavy kink to enjoy them. The main purpose of nipple clamps is not so much to inflict pain, but to provide constant, intense nipple stimulation and heightened sensitivity.

Many people, both men and women, get some level of erotic response from having their nipples played with or sucked. Nipple clamps provide that stimulus while freeing up your hands and mouth to do other things. They put constant pressure on the nipples, which can be intensified with added weights, vibrators, or manual tugging, and heighten they the nipples' sensitivity during play.

Kinds of Clamps
In their simplest form, nipple clamps are a variation on an alligator clamp, often with an adjustable spring or locking device. The tips should be covered with cork or soft vinyl or rubber, both for traction and to give some cushioning to protect the skin and tissues.

Another type of clamp is based on a forceps design, which is great if you're into doctor/nurse fantasy scenes or medical fetishes. They look like a pair of scissors, and have a locking device between the arms to hold them in place.

Tweezer type clamps are just miniature tweezers or tongs encircled by a metal band that slides up their length to tighten them. Their ends should also be covered with rubber or vinyl cushions.

Clover clamps are a more complicated apparatus that resembles a pair of pliers with two round, flat pads that compress the nipple. Each of the clamps is attached to a chain in such a way that pulling on it tightens the grip of the clamps.

Nipple Fashions
A nice accessory for nipple clamps is a chain that attaches them. This not only serves the practical purpose of keeping the clamps together as a set, but also looks and feels hot. The chain adds a little weight, and gives your partner something to tug on to manipulate the clamps. And submissive types can get off on being lead around by the tits.

Nipple jewelry combines form and function. These trinkets are mostly for women. We suppose guys might try them on as well, but most guys' nipples wouldn't give them enough to grab onto. One type is a sort of mock a springy open metal circle with covered ends that tweak the nipple between them. Tension holds it in place, and the effect is like a nipple ring without the piercing. Another sort, which is more bauble and less bite, uses an elastic loop or adjustable lasso that goes around the nipple, often with beads, feathers or tassels attached.

Speaking of nipple rings, if you actually have a pierced nipple, you may need to remove it before attaching the clamps, or else position the clamps perpendicular to the piercing. Because piercing can stimulate growth of nerve endings in the nipples, increasing sensitivity, you may need to use less pressure with the clamps.

Weights and Vibrators
Weights are another add-on that heightens the effect by pulling on the nipple and swinging as you move. Deluxe nipple clamps come with mini vibrators attached for really over-the-top stimulation. are a great multipurpose toy as well. The vibrator can be used on many other parts, including the clit and balls, and the clamp can be used to clip them either directly onto those body parts, or onto your underwear so they nestle against your bits.

Using Nipple Clamps
Nipple clamps need to be applied with care. Take the time to get them properly adjusted and placed. If your nipple clamps have a screw adjustment, tighten it slowly until you achieve a pressure that will hold the clamp in place without causing too much pain. If the clamp has a simple spring mechanism, place the open clamp around the nipple and release slowly, so pressure is applied steadily to the nipple. Don't let it snap shut.

The initial pressure of the clamp may will feel intense, and may even be slightly painful for the first couple of minutes. If you can tough it out, the pain will gradually dull and give way to a warm throbbing and tingling, especially if you are already aroused. At this point, you may find that your nipples are hypersensitive, so that the slightest brush or tug on the clamps produces overwhelming sensations. With vibrating nipple clamps, you will probably want to wait till you reach this stage before turning the vibrators on.

Because nipple clamps compress delicate tissue and restrict blood flow, they should never be used for more than 15 minutes at a time. Discontinue use and remove the clamps if you experience real pain (as opposed to pleasurable pain), if the skin becomes broken, or if the nipple turns blue or purple. If you do sustain a nipple bruise or injury, ice it to reduce swelling and discoloration.

When you take the clamps off, brace yourself. Removing them can actually be more painful than putting them on, because the sudden rush of circulation back into nipple brings back feeling to the area. The nipples will be extremely sensitive for a while. Try having your partner blow on them, or brush them lightly with their lips or a feather and see what happens. Later, massage gently with some lotion (or have your partner help) to ease the sting.

Tough Titties
If you use nipple clamps only on occasion, it's unlikely you'll experience any permanent changes in your nipples as a result. However, frequent tweaking may cause slight enlargement of the nipples and prolonged heightened sensitivity.

For some people, nipple clamps are part of a more involved nipple play scene, which may involve nipple bondage (tying ropes or cords around the breast or nipple) and pumping (using suction pumps or snake bite kits to pump up and enlarge the nipples).

WARNING: Pregnant women should use caution when engaging in nipple play. Stimulation of the nipples releases the hormone oxytocin, which causes uterine contractions and may induce early labor in the later stages of pregnancy.

  • Apply pressure slowly and steadily when putting nipple clamps on.
  • Hang in there for the first couple of minutes after applying the clamps, and any discomfort should pass.
  • Gently tug or brush the clamps for increased sensation.
  • Leave clamps on for no more than 15 minutes at a time to allow restored blood flow.
  • When clamps are removed, the nerve endings in the nipples will "wake up" with the returning circulation, causing increased sensitivity.
  • Remove clamps immediately if you experience severe pain, if your skin becomes broken, or if your nipples turn blue or purple.
  • A woman's nipple sensitivity varies during her menstrual cycle; adjust the pressure of the clamps as necessary.
  • Try using vibrating nipple clamps on your clit or balls. Attach to the inside of undergarments for an undercover buzz.
  • If you have pierced nipples, you may need to remove the jewelry before using clamps, or adjust the clamp position and use less pressure.



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