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Patch Your Blow-Up Doll

Your inflatable girlfriend's sprung a leak. She's gone gone flat. You don't know where to turn or who to ask. Don't worry. Whether it's a pinhole or a larger tear, we'll show you step by step how to fix the puncture and put the romance back in your relationship.

Step 1: Find the Leak

The easiest way to locate the leak is to put her in a tub full of water and submerge her. Then, look for a stream of bubbles that indicate the source of the escaping air.


Be cautious about getting your blow up doll near the plumbing fixtures. They have a way of getting into those orifices when you're not looking.


Submerge the doll under the water until you find the spot where bubbles are coming out.

Aha! These bubbles indicate the source of the leak. Now to repair. You have three options:

With a Band-Aid: Ideal for smaller tears, can also match skin tones of your doll
With Duct Tape: Works better for larger or more extensive rips
With a Tire Repair Kit: Most robust solution, if you really care enough to give the best





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