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Top 10 Penis Extension Tips

  1. Roll it on.
  2. Roll flexible extensions on and off like a condom. Donít tug them on and off to avoid stretching or tearing them.
  3. Donít knick it.
  4. Take care to avoid nicking jelly rubber and silicone extensions, because a small knick will turn into a large tear.
  5. Use lube inside.
  6. Use a dab of water-based lube inside the end of the extension to increase your sensation.
  7. Add texture.
  8. Try a textured extension if your partner enjoys extra stimulation. Some have bumps, ridges and other varied surfaces to increase sensation for the receiving partner.
  9. Strap it on.
  10. Most strap-on extensions can be used with or without an erection, so use them if you want to prolong intercourse or have trouble staying hard.
  11. Use a condom.
  12. Extensions aren't a substitute for condoms and shouldn't be used to prevent pregnancy or STDs. Use a condom over the extension if you need to be concerned about pregnancy or disease prevention.
  13. Buzz your dick.
  14. Try an extension with a built in vibrator to stimulate both you and your partner.
  15. Use water-based lube.
  16. Water-based lube is compatible with all the materials that extensions are made of. Oil-based or silicone-based lubes will damage extensions made of latex, silicone, and Cyberskin.
  17. Tickle her.
  18. French tickler condoms are a variation on extensions that are designed with fringed and textured heads to stimulate a female partnerís vagina and cervix.
  19. Like real flesh.
  20. For flesh-like realism, use a Cyberskin penis extension. They have a silky skin-like texture, warm quickly to the touch, and are comfortable to wear.

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