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PlayStation - The Ultimate Sex Toy

Just add porn

I watch porn and plug in the PlayStation at the same time. I worked out that you can have the PlayStation running but have the TV on a different channel. First I get to a part in a game where if I run into the walls, the controller vibrates. I hold down the button and the character runs into the walls continuously so the controller vibrates nonstop. Then I switch over to the porn and hold the controller on my clit and come at the same time the chick on the screen does while pretending the guy is doing the same thing to me. It feels sooo good, you have to try it!

Tony Hawk fanI turn on my PlayStation and put in one of the Tony Hawk pro skater games. I then turn on perfect balance and start grinding and the controller vibrates. By this time, just thinking about the vibrations has made me wet so I stick it into my pussy and just sit there letting the controller do all the work! It's the greatest feeling ever, not being able to control it. TRY!
Horny humper

I take a PlayStation or some other rumbling controller and do something to make it constantly vibrate (racing games are great--just keep running into something, therefore keeping the vibrations going). I stick the controller between my legs and close them a little (you may have to keep one finger on a button). Then, once I get horny, I put a stuffed animal with a pointed nose on my bed, then I start humping it. IT'S GREAT!!! If need be, you can substitute the game controller for an actual vibrator.

Metal Gear fan

You need a PlayStation, a vibrating controller, and a Metal Gear Solid CD. Use the vibration test in the option menu of the game. Insert the edge of the controller to your pussy or clit, test the vibration, and enjoy!

Gamer girl

Get a controller from your game system (PlayStation, Nintendo, Gamecube, etc.) and put on a game that makes your controller vibrate. When you get your controller to vibrate, put it on your clit. It feels so good and if it vibrates long enough, it's a great orgasm! It works every time! I love it!

Anime massage

Find a copy of Rival Schools (it's an anime-style fighting game). In the game there is an option to have one of the female "teachers" give you a massage. There are two types of vibrations (massages that she gives) and they can be switched to on the fly. One is a slow, mild one and the other is a faster, more-forceful one. If you watch the screen, her hands kind of "grab" at you and as silly as this whole thing sounds, if you don't take it too seriously you can have fun with the whole fantasy of it. Just place the controller wherever it feels nice and you'll slowly work yourself up to a nice orgasm. Since everyone's body is different, experiment with what feels good for you.

Hard to handle

I take a regular PlayStation controller (the ones that vibrate) and put one side of the handle on my clit and while it vibrates. I cum sooo hard!! It will make any gamer boyfriend horny!

Test taker

I take the controller from my PlayStation 2 and keep it on the vibrating test. I stick it in my pussy and keep it going in and out. Great way to get off!

Control freak

I get my PlayStation controller with the vibrator. I make sure I put in a game that will use the vibrator, then I spread my legs and place the end of the controller to my pussy. I get a great orgasm!!! Try it!

Testing 1-2-3

Take a PlayStation vibrating controller and put it so it's like you're testing the vibration. Stick the handle up your pussy and instant vibrator!!

Race car star

Sometimes when my family is home and I am feeling horny, I play PlayStation. I put the end of the controller on my pussy. Then I play this racing game and I do really bad in it so the controller vibrates. It feels really good. Then I take Vaseline and rub it all over my pussy. I usually get a really good orgasm that way.

Sticky controller

My brother has just recently gotten a PlayStation 2. What I like to do is start it up and go into the vibration adjustment function and "test" the vibration. Meanwhile, I have the Dual Shock controller up against my clit and within 10 minutes I have an outrageous orgasm! It is best to do it when no one is around so you can strip down and let the PS2 do its job. And one more thing--clean the controller afterward; the other day my brother asked me why the controller was all sticky!!

I've got a secret

I take a PlayStation controller and I put a game in that allows the controller to vibrate. I make the game get stuck on vibrate and I slide the controller down my pants and into my pussy. It makes my pussy throb, especially if I do it in a public room. The people who use that controller after me have no idea what just happened.

Pushing the limit

I love to sit in my chair in front of my computer and look at porn and rub my clit nice and slow, up and down. When I get real horny I have a PlayStation in my room with vibrating controllers that I plug in and place on top of my clit. I let it vibrate until I orgasm. After that I keep letting it vibrate for longer, then I slide a dildo in and out of my pussy. I usually go for 2 hours and a bit more until I can't handle it, which makes me extremely horny!! I recommend when you masturbate to keep going for a bit more, even if you can't handle it. It will drive you completely wild!!

Just shoot me

You need a PlayStation for this one. You get a vibrating gun and turn on the PS and turn on the switch for vibration and put it on your clit and press the trigger. It will give you an orgasm in no time and you will get very addicted!!

Metal Gear fan 2

I'm just commenting on the idea with the PlayStation and the Metal Gear Solid game. It works wonders! It actually makes my boyfriend's PlayStation not boring to play on, if you know what I mean!

Hot pants

Use a PlayStation controller when it is vibrating and it works great! It even gets me really hot when my undies are still on. I do it when my mum isn't looking.

Don't tell bro'

I like to use the handle of my brother's PlayStation controller and stick it in my pussy. Then I rub my nipples hard and move the controller in and out of my pussy. I have such a great orgasm with it!

Lucky charm

I tried the PlayStation game controller and it worked like a charm. I didn't think it would but it did! Thanks!

Skate and grind

I bought a PlayStation 2 a while ago, and I found out that if you play a game like Tony Hawk with the grinding cheat on, then grind and leave it going, the rumble part in the controller makes the entire controller shake. It will shake forever so you can get some mega pleasure from this thing! PlayStations aren't just for kids, ya know!!

Mean brother

Sometimes I stick my bother's PlayStation controller on my dick and put it on the vibrate mode until I jizz all over it. He's a loser so I do it on purpose! Sometimes I even let my girlfriend watch.

Speed racer

Get a PlayStation 2 controller (or any kind of videogame controller with rumbling feature) and find a game where you can control the vibration (racing games work best) and just hold the button while the controller rumbles as you masturbate.

Good vibrations

I like to put the PlayStation controller on the side of my dick while on vibrate; it feels great!!

Home run hitter

Well, I like to take a PlayStation 2 controller that vibrates and play a baseball game. When you pitch the ball, aim the arrow away from the batter so the controller starts to vibrate super hard and then just place the handle of the controller under the head of your dick. You will cum harder than you ever did in your life, trust me!!

Metal Gear fan

Take your average PlayStation Dual Shock controller and insert Metal Gear Solid. Go to options and keep on testing the vibration of the controller. Put it on your penis or in your pussy and it lasts for hours!

Metal Gear fan 2

You need a PlayStation with the Dual Shock controller and Metal Gear Solid (you can rent it, but I guarantee you will want to buy it after I tell you what to do). Start up the PlayStation with Metal Gear Solid, go into options, and find the thing that tests the vibration on the controller. By pressing left or right on the pad you have an instant vibrator that you can rub all over your stiff dick!! Then stick the point of the controller up your arse and wait for blast off! Most teens who have this game will definitely know about this feature of Metal Gear Solid!!

Lube job

Take a PlayStation controller, turn on your PlayStation, and get to the part in a game where it vibrates, like standing against the wall in a game. Lube the controller and stick it so that one end is under your balls and the other is vibrating against your dick. It feels so good, it feels like another man pressing against you.

Let's rumble

You're gonna need a PlayStation or something that rumbles or shakes rapidly. Get you cock hard and make the controller rumble. Place it against your dick and jack off. I usually like to play racing games just because it rumbles a lot more!




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