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Top Ten Tips for Butt Plugs

  1. Start small.
  2. Anal plugs are available in a range of sizes, from petite to challenging, so start where youíre comfortable and work your way up. With patience and practice, youíll be able to take larger plugs if you want to.
  3. Use lube.
  4. Always use plenty of water-based lube to ease in your butt plug. Use enough to get the plug in easily, but donít use too much, or you may have trouble keeping the plug in place, especially if itís small. If youíre really concerned about discomfort, you can use a desensitizing lube like Anal Eze, but chances are you wonít need it.
  5. Warm up.
  6. Get your butt ready for action by stroking and stretching your asshole with a couple of well-lubed fingers. Insert a finger or two in your ass and move in circular and in-and-out motions. This will get your ass lubed and primed and stretch out your sphincter muscles for the plug.
  7. Bear down.
  8. As you insert the plug, bear down with your anal muscles as if pushing out a bowel movement. This opens up your ass and makes it easier to push the plug in.
  9. Go slow.
  10. Most butt plugs are tapered at the end and gradually increase in diameter toward the base. Push the plug in slowly and apply steady pressure until it pops into place.
  11. Hit your hot spot.
  12. Butt plugs that are angled or curved are designed to stimulate the prostate gland in men and the G-spot in women by putting pressure on those spots. Make sure the plug is angling toward your belly button when you insert it to position the curve properly.
  13. Give it a buzz.
  14. A vibrating butt plug adds new dimensions of anal pleasure to this toy. Because the nerves in the rectum are so sensitive, any vibrations are deeply felt and highly stimulating.
  15. Open the backdoor for more.
  16. Butt plugs are a great warm up for anal sex. Insert a plug and wear it for 10 or 15 minutes to get the anal muscles relaxed and receptive for deeper penetration. Pop out the plug, add some more lube, and youíll be all set for anal intercourse.
  17. Get busy.
  18. Once your plug is in place, get busy masturbating or having sex with your partner. The plug provides you with constant anal stimulation and leaves your hands free for other activities.
  19. Push it out.
  20. When youíre done playing, bear down with your anal muscles and push the plug out. You may have to pull it at the same time. Pull out steadily and donít yank on it.



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