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My wife and I had enjoyed a great sex life for many years. Early on in our marriage, I found she had no objection to me inserting a finger in her butt as she gave me head. She would then bring her legs around and we might finish up in the 69 position. Since my wife's death, I have met and had sex with several widows all over 60 yrs old. None have ever objected to me entering their butt with my finger. I had obtained a couple of butt plugs. Each lady has confirmed they enjoy a plug in their rectum as I have manually fondled their clit with fingers, tongue and dildo. Each have further confirmed that by using the plug they have reached the strongest and greatest orgasms they ever had. - Bill, Florida

Started with my first butt plug two years ago, have several now. I like to wear them out in public, feels daring. Also use a 9 inch ribbed dildo. I never thought anything that long would fit in my ass, but lo and behold it does! - crosshead4

I have had so many great butt plugs I don't even know where to start! I sometimes heat them up in the microwave and the lube and go to town on my self! - Larry, Houston

Hi all, I am a 34 yr old crossdresser and I have had a few butt plugs in my butt. I dressed in drag one night and put a 1-3/4 inch wide x 6 inches long butt plug in my ass and left it in for about 4 hours while i was out. It felt so good when i walked around with it in, it made me walk more like a women and feel so hot. It was great i recommend everyone try it like that. ;) Jen, Pennsylvania

Just got my first butt plug today, for masturbation. It's medium sized - maybe a bit too big for a first plug. I Trained myself a bit, working it gently at first and then trying to sit on it and apply increasing amounts of body weight. My sphincter has opened up a bit - though I am wondering if the sphincter muscles will now remain that way or will (hopefully) reclose. I hope to use the plug soon in online sex play.

After a long hard week, when I go out on Friday night, if I happen to go home alone, there is nothing more relaxing than an smooth butt plug, especially an inflatable one, to slowly give me that "fulfilling" sensation and put slowly to sleep. - Maria, London

My wife puts a plug up her ass about an hour before I put my cock in, and we can have anal sex without any problems or discomfort to her. It's even better when she runs warm water through her ass at the start.

I have found that just a little talc on the plug makes it feel very manageable all day. - Teddy, Australia

I like to be plugged for extended periods of time prior to, and during spanking, switching, and other forms of punishment. I would also like to do the same for others. Plugging after enemas also help make cramps more intense. - Tim, Austin, TX

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