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The jack rabbit vibrator is the reigning king (or is it queen?) of the sex toy scene, a best-seller that has had its 15 minutes of fame on Sex and the City and elsewhere. Its reputation and notoriety are well earned. This is one toy every woman should own or at least try.

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Hopping and Bopping
What is it that makes the jack rabbit vibrator so special? Well, its best feature is that it does almost everything, and all at the same time. A jack rabbit is a type of multi-function vibrator, which means that it has multiple components or parts that operate independently and stimulate different areas. The jack rabbit provides at least three types of stimulation at once. When inserted into the vagina, the whole toy vibrates and gives you an internal massage. Then a rotating pearl pack in the shaft of the vibrator whirls around, bumping and rubbing against the inner walls of the vagina and the G-spot. Finally, the little rabbit himself sits atop your clitoris and tickles it with his nose or ears. Itís kind of like having a lover use both hands and a cock and a vibrator on you simultaneously, in ways that normally would be physically impossible or at least very awkward. Some do even more than that, throwing in a rotating cock head, or stroking action. The possibilities are overwhelming.

With all this bumping, grinding, and shaking going on, it doesnít take long for most women to get hot and bothered with a jack rabbit vibe. Many women find itís the quickest way to an orgasm, simply because it hits all the right spots, all at the same time. And if youíre playing with a friend, you can even get a strap on rabbit vibrator to really get her going.

Funny Bunny
So whatís the story with the jack rabbit? How did someone come up with the crazy idea of putting a bunny on top of a vibrator, and why do almost all jack rabbit vibrators have a smiley face on the cock head? For that, we can thank Japanese ingenuity, and restrictive Japanese laws concerning sex toys. Apparently, Japanese officials barred the sale of sex toys that were anatomically correct representations of sex organs. To get around this, manufacturers began designing toys that resembled other things, like people or animals. Combine this with the Japanese predilection for cute, fuzzy things and you get the jack rabbit vibe.

Actually, the jack rabbit vibrator is only the best-known example of the multi-function vibrators genre. Thereís a veritable wild kingdom of other animal species represented on similar models. If rabbits arenít your style, you can have your clit tickled by a dolphinís nose, a beaverís tail, a butterflyís wings, and elephantís trunk, or a monkey wielding a banana. The list goes on, so if you have a particular totem animal, chances are you can find something close attached to a jack rabbit type vibrator.

Hitting the Spot
Jack Rabbit vibrators are designed to stimulate the vagina, G-spot, and clit simultaneously, giving them their unprecedented orgasmic wallop. But since every womanís body and anatomy are slightly different, a vibe that fits one woman perfectly may be all wrong for another. We can assume that most jack rabbit vibrators are designed and proportioned with the average woman in mind, but thereís a lot of normal variation in the size and positioning of the vagina, G-spot and clit. So if you try a rabbit type vibrator and find that, for example, the tickler wonít hit your clit, the shaft isnít long enough, or the rotating beads just donít align with you G-spot, donít despair. Try another model with different proportions, or get a version that has an independent clit stimulator attached by a wire, that you can position where ever it feels best.

If youíd like to get your ass in on the action, some jack rabbit style vibrators offer a triple threat. In addition to the clit stimulator, they also have a small anal probe or stimulator that protrudes from the side opposite the clit tickler. Itís usually small enough that it just provides a little stimulation rather than serious anal penetration. But a little tickle at your back door may be all it takes - along with everything else going on - to send you over the edge.

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Keep on Kicking
The jack rabbit is one of the more technologically complicated sex toys, with a lot more moving parts and internal wiring that your basic battery-powered vibrator. For that reason, like other types of multi-function toys, it can be more prone to breaking down or having mechanical failure. Top of the line, Japanese-manufactured jack rabbit vibrators may be a little spendy, but the quality can be worth it, as these models are well made and less prone to jamming, motor burn out, or fried circuits. Be aware that due to their more sophisticated mechanical insides, jack rabbit vibrators may not be able to handle prolonged use. If the motor is heating up or making strange noises, give it a rest. Of course, for most people, this wonít be a problem, since the rabbit vibe will get them off lickety split, before the motor even has a chance to reach critical temperatures.

Another thing to remember about rabbit vibrators is that with all that mechanical action going on, these babies suck up a lot of electrical juice. So stock up on extra-strength alkaline batteries, or invest in some rechargeable batteries and save the planet. Thereís also a Rechargeable Rabbit vibrator available that comes with its own renewable energy source that you can plug into a wall socket and juice up. Either way, be prepared so your personal energizer bunny doesnít run out of steam.

Jack Rabbit Vibrator Tips
  • Exercise care when using and handling your rabbit vibrator; itís a complicated piece of machinery.
  • Use water-based lube if your vibe is made of rubber or jelly.
  • Donít leave your jack rabbit vibrator on for prolonged periods, and shut it off if it overheats or makes noise.
  • If a certain jack rabbit vibrator doesnít fit you, consider trying another model or maybe one with a detachable clit stimulator.
  • Expect to pay for quality; the more expensive vibes will generally be more durable and reliable mechanically.
  • Jack rabbit vibrators eat up energy, so stock up on batteries.
  • Be careful when cleaning your rabbit vibrator and donít get any water in the battery compartment or mechanical parts; use sex toy cleaner solution if possible.
  • Get a rabbit vibrator with an anal stimulator if you enjoy a little butt play.



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