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Hurry, hurry! Step right up to the Big Top. You don't need a whip and a chair to train the beast. You just need a question about cock rings for the Ringmaster.

Dear Ringmaster,
I've always been curious about trying a cock ring but I keep chickening out. A friend of mine hurt himself with one and now he can't get a hard on. I know him and his girlfriend are into really rough sex and he probably just did something stupid. But I don't want this to happen to me. Am I just being paranoid?
Ron - MN

I know it's difficult to do, but try to put your friend's horror story out of your mind. Millions of men have been using cock rings for centuries without any problem. While what happened to your friend is unfortunate, he has no one to blame but himself. People who are into pain rarely consider what is actually safe. If you really want to try cock rings, start yourself out with a simple leather strap that has a velcro closure. These are incredibly comfortable and easily adjusted to the size that is right for you. Be aware of how it feels at all times. A properly fitting cock ring should not hurt, crush veins, or turn your equipment blue. Any time you feel uncomfortable, take it off. As long as you're careful, you should be able to enjoy a cock ring without experiencing the nightmare your friend went through.
The Ringmaster

Dear Ringmaster,
I always thought I couldn't get someone pregnant if I was wearing a cock ring. Now I'm facing a shotgun wedding. What gives?
Bud - MS

Who in the hell told you that cock rings were a form of birth control? I've never heard of this idea before and find it hard to believe that you bought into it. Just because your body is mature enough to have sex doesn't mean that your mind is mature enough to be responsible having sex. And speaking of responsibility, why weren't you wearing a condom? If I were your girlfriend's father, I'd unload my shotgun and think twice about having you marry into my family.
The Ringmaster

Dear Ringmaster,
Lately I've been having problems maintaining an erection and my wife suggested I get a cock ring. Will that really help even if my problem is caused by my wife's constant nagging?
Ed - WA

A cock ring applies pressure to the base of the penis and slows down the flow of blood out of your shaft. Theoretically speaking, if you can get it up at all while your wife is nagging, you'll be able to keep it up. Who knows…maybe a good hard fuck will quiet her down.
The Ringmaster

Dear Ringmaster,
I have a leather cock ring that I like to wear all the time. It's comfortable and I think it makes me look better in a pair of jeans. My girlfriend says I'm being stupid and I'm just going to hurt myself. Is she right?
Tom - NY

As long as you check yourself for skin irritation and don't wear it too tight, you probably aren't going to hurt yourself. There are leather cock rings on the market that are rated comfortable enough for all day wear. You know, a lot of men pad their shorts to give them a more impressive bulge and women wear padded bras. I've always felt that wearing a cock ring is a lot more honest. At least when someone gets into your pants they aren't going to find anything but you.
The Ringmaster

Dear Ringmaster,
I have a small black rubber ring that I like to wear just behind the head of my cock. I think it looks really cool and I love the way it feels. Am I strange or do other guys do this too?
Steve - KY

You're not strange. Wearing a ring behind the head of the cock is actually quite common, and that ridge where the head flares out really keeps it locked into place. I confess that I also like the way it looks and feels. Just be sure the ring you're using isn't so tight that you have trouble peeing.
The Ringmaster




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