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Choosing the Right Strap-On

Once youíve decided to make your husband or boyfriendís strap-on fantasies come true, you need to get the right equipment. You need a sturdy strap-on dildo and a reliable harness to hold it in place. Here are some buying tips to help you pick out the best tool for the job.

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Choose quality and style

Cheap flesh-colored rubber dildos with thin white elastic straps are out; high-quality, brightly colored silicone or jelly dildos with leather or PVC harnesses are in. An ugly strap-on can make you both look and feel cheap, so choose a strap-on and harness that reflects your personal style and makes you feel like the queen that you are (and that your partner wants you to be). A corset-style harness is both sexy and serviceable, while a studded leather number makes you a mistress to be reckoned with.

Soft and smooth, or rough and rugged?
Dildos that are firm but flexible, made of silicone, jelly rubber, or Cyberskin are the most comfortable. Remember that the anal area is very delicate and sensitive, so he will feel every little bump and ridge on your dildo. Beginners may prefer a smooth strap on, such as the Silk models. If your guy wants a rougher ride, go for a dildo with realistic details, or one with a more textured or veined surface.

Please yourself too.
While many women find fucking a partner with a strap-on arousing, specially designed strap-ons can make the experience as stimulating for you as it is for him. A vibrating strap-on can transmit vibrations to both partners, while some harnesses are designed to position a small vibrator directly over the clitoris. If you enjoy the idea of being penetrated while you penetrate your partner, try a dual strap-on dildo, or a harness fitted with plugs for the wearer.

Donít forget the lube!
While youíre shopping for toys, donít forget to pick up some water-based lube, such as KY Jelly, Probe, or Astroglide. Itís a must for any kind of anal intercourse. You may want to try a heavier lube formulated especially for anal penetration, which stays in place better and holds up to friction. If your partner is really concerned about pain or discomfort, you could try a numbing lube like Anal-Eze. However, if the receptive partner is relaxed and anal penetration is performed correctly, there should be no pain or lasting discomfort.

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Choosing Your Own Strap-On

  • Choose a dong that combines form and function: get something that will turn on both you and your partner and has a good fit and feel for the fuckee.
  • Invest in a comfortable, quality harness with adjustable straps. Make sure the dildo you buy is harness-compatible: it needs to have a flanged base to secure it in the harness.
  • As with any type of penetration, with a dick Ė fleshy or silicone Ė or any other object, pay attention to your partner's responses. Vary your strokes and find out what they like.
  • Both partners can increase their turn-on by treating the strap on as an extension of the wearer's body (i.e., as if it were a real dick). Stroke it, suck it, give it all the attention a cock deserves.
  • Use condoms for easy clean up, or if you are using the dildo for multiple people or multiple orifices (i.e., ass fucking and pussy fucking).
  • Use lube as necessary, *especially* for anal sex. Don't use oil-base lubes for rubber or cyberskin dicks, and don't use silicone-based lubes for silicone dicks. These cause deterioration.
  • Clean thoroughly after use. Silicone dildos clean easily with soap and hot water or by boiling in water. Some dildos are even dishwasher safe!
  • To prolong the dildo's life, store in fabric and/or a box. Don't toss your toys under the bed with the dust bunnies.



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