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How To Tie Up Your Sex Doll

Getting tired of the same old in-and-out with your sex doll? Why not liven things up with some bondage. Restrain your sex doll in some new and different positions and put the spark back in your relationship. Or use your sex doll to “learn the ropes” of bondage before you try it out on your girlfriend.

Get yourself some quality bondage rope, and choose a color that compliments your sex doll’s skin tone and wardrobe. Be sure you give yourself enough rope to work with. You’ll need at least 50 feet for more elaborate bondage.

Japanese Rope Harness

Start with a 25-foot length of rope. Double it over and tie the double strands in a single overhand knot at the midpoint, leaving a loop of an inch or two hanging out. Then tie five more single overhand knots in the double strand at intervals of about every 10 to 12 inches. Open the “loop” between the first two knots and place it over your sex doll’s head and around her neck. The small loop should be in the back, with the knotted rope hanging down the front of her torso.

Bring the knotted rope up between her legs and pass it through the small loop at the back of your sex doll’s neck. Separate the two rope ends and pass each one under an arm, then under and over the rope on each side of the second “loop” between the knots above and below her breasts. Cross the ropes behind her back and bring them back around either side, pulling taut so the ropes on the front separate. Repeat with the next two “loops” on her torso.

The rope and the knots will be cinched upward from the tension on either side of the rope harness. If you space the knots properly, you can get one to line up with her pussy when the harness is pulled into position. The finished harness accentuates the lines of her figure.


This is the harness as it appears from behind. The ropes are simply criss-crossed across the back and tied off above the ass.

Put the finishing touch on the rope harness by hog-tying your sex doll. Bind her hands and feet separately, then use a 10-foot length of rope to tie the hand and foot restraints together.


Chair Bondage

When binding your sex doll in a seated position, start by securing her torso to the chair. Simply take a length of rope about 10 to 15 feet and wrap it around her body and the chair back several times, securing it with a square knot.

Bind her hands by looping rope around both of the wrists. Cross the ends of the rope in the middle going in opposite directions, and secure with a square knot.

Use a hitch type knot to lash her ankles to the chair legs. A buntline hitch is good because it will not easily come undone.

This guarantees that your sex doll will keep her seat. Use this to enact home-invasion role-playing scenarios, or keep her from bolting during “America’s Next Top Model.”




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