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Top Ten Reasons Why a Vibrator Is Better Than a Man

  1. It keeps going, and going, and going.
  2. A vibrator can keep going as long as it takes to satisfy you. All it needs is a power supply, and batteries are a lot cheaper and easier to get than Viagra.

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  3. You donít have to worry where else itís been.
  4. Unless you picked it up at a yard sale, you wonít have to give a second thought to who else might have used your vibrator before you. And you wonít have to worry about your vibrator jumping in another womanís pants when youíre gone, unless if you have a freaky roommate.
  5. Vibrators can have more than one speed.
  6. Most guys have two settings: full speed and off. Vibrators have variable controls and let you pick the pace and intensity.
  7. A vibrator wonít ask you if itís bigger than all other vibrators youíve had.
  8. Vibrators arenít insecure about their size or ability, and donít keep asking for reassurance. Big or small, they just get the job done.
  9. A vibrator doesnít roll over and snore.
  10. A vibrator wonít finish before you and fall asleep. When youíre done with it, just shut it off and tuck it in your night stand drawer, then get a peaceful nightís rest with the bed to yourself.
  11. Itís ready when you are, and only when you are.
  12. With a flick of a switch, your vibrator is ready to give you pleasure. On the other hand, when youíre tired or have a headache, you wonít get in bed and find your vibrator turned on.
  13. Vibrators are designed for your pleasure.
  14. A penis is designed for procreation and male sexual pleasure, not to stimulate the clitoris and bring a woman to orgasm. A vibrator, on the other hand, was created with women in mind. Use the right tool for the job.
  15. No germs and no sperm.
  16. A vibrator canít get you pregnant or give you an STD. Youíll never have to worry about birth control, condoms, or safe sex. If you like the feel of latex, slap a condom on for easy cleaning.
  17. Vibrators donít expect you to swallow.
  18. You will never have to give your vibrator a blow job, much less swallow its cum or be made to feel guilty if you donít.
  19. Vibrators are easy to replace.
  20. If your vibrator breaks, wears out, or is defective, itís easy enough to buy another one. Of course, a guy is easy to replace, too, but you canít order one online and get home delivery.



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