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Vibrators: Get a Buzz (continued)

Joy buzzers

Want to take your vibrator to go? Try on some vibrating panties underwear with a mini-vibe tucked inside -- which can be worn without detection under your regular garments. Get one with a remote control unit and give it to your partner to add some spice to a night on the town. Other wearable units, such as the Butterfly, Scorpion, or Dragonfly, feature probes and plugs that combine with a small vibe to tickle the clit, vagina and ass. Tiny clip-on vibes can be clamped to the nipples, clit, or labia for intense sensations.

For those on the giving, rather than receiving end, there's the Tongue-Joy, a mini-vibe that straps onto your tongue, to give a little oomph to your oral sex. And a single finger becomes an instrument of exquisite pleasure with the Fukuoku vibrator, a small, quiet vibe that fits over your favorite digit. Fukuoku gloves are also available, making each fingertip into an epicenter of tiny tremors.

Buzzin' buddies

Check it out, guys: vibrators aren't just for the ladies. Vibrating jelly cock rings slide over your dick and sit snugly at the base. They usually feature nubs or probes that contact your partners clit during intercourse, so you can share the good vibes. For a real hummer, try putting a vibe under your ball sack, against your perineum (the spot between your balls and asshole), or if you're really adventurous, slide one up your ass. There are vibrating anal probes, and butt plugs with bullet vibes inside. Be careful about inserting one of those slick plastic numbers, though, if there's nothing at the base to keep it from slipping up inside you. There may be things more embarrassing than having an ER doctor extract a still-buzzing sex toy from your ass, but that's pretty close to the top of the list.

Security check

Speaking of embarrassment, everyone's heard horror stories about someone getting pulled out of the airport screening line because there was a vibrator hopping around in their luggage. There's a simple way to avoid this scenario: take out the batteries before you pack. If you're still concerned about discretion, consider getting a vibrator that isn't shaped like a vibrator. There are lines of non-phallic vibes designed to fit to the shape of a woman's pubes, resembling some sort of high-tech electric shaver more than a sex toy. Others are shaped vaguely like flashlights, while some are disguised as rubber duckies or small dolls. Mini or finger-sized vibes are also a good choice because they can easily be slipped into a pocket or purse. 

More vibrator tips

  • Experiment with positioning to get the best sensations; going straight for the clit may not work best for you.
  • Vary  pressures and, if your vibe permits it, speeds. Try using the vibe on the outside of clothing or through layers if it's too intense.
  • Watch out for "vibrator dependency." Vibes won't deaden your sensations, but you may get used to them and find it difficult to come with other stimulation.
  • Lube can reduce friction and intensify sensation, whether you're inserting the vibe or just stroking your clit.
  • Test the vibe on other body parts (thighs, buttocks, breasts, etc.). Those ripples of pleasure should spread.
  • If you plan to use your vibe in the bath, be sure to get a waterproof model. Don't use electrical (plug-in) vibrators near water.
  • Clean your vibrator regularly with soap and water, or according to directions. Remove the batteries during cleaning and don't get water in the compartment.




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